Safety Escape Room

Kirsi Lintunen/ August 30, 2019/ News

Safety Escape Room experience is all about learning of important safety matters in a fun and competitive way

Omexom Finland’s CEO Veera Höglund, BU Manager Mikko Korhonen and Safety Coordinator Ville Leino together with VINCI Energies Europe’s Senior Safety Manager Jean-Pierre Partoens visited client company Elenia Ltd.’s innovate Safety Escape Room in Tampere, Finland.

“This was a great experience, it is based on teamwork and you had to go through the risk analysis (LMRA), execute the instructions perfectly and deliver everything back at the end of the project. A big advantage is that you can go to the employees at the place of work thanks to the chosen flexible method (a container). After you have left the escape room a debriefing follows with all participants and certainly a lot of experience exchange during the free moments. Congratulations to the team of Elenia and thank you for introducing me to this excellent innovative safety learning”, Jean-Pierre Partoens summarizes.